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18hokiSo I figured that people wanted to know what I was talking about when I said midfielder” or center back” or any of the other wonderful soccer positions. A group of European sports science researchers recently conducted a study to measure decision making abilities of a range of soccer players from various soccer divisions. The researchers measured game intelligence using a test procedure known as D-KEFS, which assesses skills in creativity, problem solving and rule making (see below for details).

If a player crosses the goal line, they get automatically repositioned a little distance from goal. This is to stop players simply packing the goalmouth with players and stopping the action. So, if you’re repositioning your players, judge the power carefully so you don’t send them over the line and leave an open goal.

A great goalkeeper of the Danish National Team. He had his most successful years at Manchester United, winning the European Championship in 1999. He is the most capped 18hoki player for the Danish National Team. He also holds the record of the most amount of clean sheets to games ratio, a feat that is very impressive for goal keepers.link alternatif 18hoki

from the average goal scorers are their first touch. Players like Messi and C.Ronaldo and Suarez are masters of the first touch. Learn how to control the ball with different parts of the body such as the side foot, thighs (which is the easiest to control the ball) and other parts. An excellent first touch can be the on thing that decides if a player gets a chance to score or not. For example the famous goal Bergkamp scored for Netherlands against Argentina. If he didn’t have a good first touch the chance would have gone and Argentina could have won the game instead. This goal shows the importance of a good first touch and their are many more examples that you can find on the internet.link 18hoki

Passing the ball is very easy, though the hardest part of passing accuracy. This is the starter player’s handicap. To do a standard rolling pass, you should kick the ball with the inside of your foot (instep and toe part). Your kick should hit the lateral part of the ball for it to travel in a roll. Kicking with the inside part of the foot also allows accuracy, wherein the arch is used to provide the ball direction. Ok, try it. Kick the ball with modest force with the arch providing direction.

I play tackle football, with all my friends, without any equipment. We all have fun and, besides a few cuts and bruises, nobody gets hurt. I will not be stupid enough to say that football is safe, by any means, but it is not going to kill us all. Real football, where most football related injuries occur, require players to wear protective equipment. Nobody is sending people out there to be run over by linebackers without a means of protection.

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